I have just aquire the lastest in Launch Monitors, the ES14
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Golf is a wonderful sport; it allows you to get out into some of the most beautiful weather and pastoral settings imaginable.  It also gives everybody the opportunity to be honest with themselves and it is the only sport in which your true opponent is yourself.

It is one of the very few sports in which the phrase "Practice makes Perfect" is not only a inspirational comment made to move you to practice more, it is the only sport that gives you back in your playing of the game in lower scores, by practicing more. 

It is the one sport in which you can never have enough lessons, look to the Professional Golfers, even at the pinnacles of their careers they are still taking lessons, working on many ways & means and going down many avenues to continually work to improve their games.  It is not a quick or easy sport to learn, while any lessons properly given can help, the best and truest way to go is slow and steady.

Above all, it is a great way to meet many people from many different walks of life in a very relaxed and comfortable setting, and still have time for yourself, so lets see you out there!

Feel free to review my website and especially the testimonials, and services I offer.  Lets see if we can work something out that fits your schedule and above all that fits with your desire learn and improve your game of Golf.

"It is the promise of excellent service and rates that brings a client in, however it is the realization of that promise that keeps the client coming back!"